Ordinary tennis net posts have a stationary height which makes the development of young players unnecessarily difficult.

SmartPosts® solves this problem by easily allowing the players to adjust the height of the net to suit the players.

SmartPosts® Net Posts fit both in round and square sleeves.



SmartPosts® is height adjustable to 5 different levels!

  • Red 58 cm (22,8 inches)
  • Orange 64 cm (25,2 inches)
  • Green 69 cm (27,2 inches)
  • Yellow 91,4 cm (36 inches)
  • Black, one level above yellow for extra height and extra topspin.
    The net can be raised up to 20 cm (7,8 inches) above ordinary yellow net height.

SmartPosts® – a new invention in tennis!

Tennis manufacturers and tennis organizations around the world have for long time made it easier for starter players, but the tennis net has been the same. Now Stonesnet AB introduces SmartPosts® to the world of tennis.