Discover How Players of All Ages Can Achieve Tennis Excellence!

“A must-have for every tennis coach
working with kids”

Regular tennis training creates a huge barrier for players – especially youngsters. The Problem? Regulation tennis nets are unfair to younger players. The nets are about half the height of adult players, but too high for beginners, stopping countless students from achieving their full potential.

This bothered former Swedish Pro and tennis coach, Roger Stenquist. He saw the pain and frustration tennis training was creating for kids and he set about trying to find a solution. His ingenious idea was for complementing “smart” balls and micro-courts with an adjustable tennis net.

Introducing SmartPosts® – a revolutionary way in
tennis learning

SmartPosts® Net Posts (former SmartNet) is standards approved and literally, finally, gives users an unfair advantage.
By lowering the net, small young players can finally learn at a net-height suitable for their size – the same size to net-height-proportion as adult players.

SmartPosts® allows players to quickly and easily raise and lower the net (from 58 cm to about 105 cm) to adapt to the age, height of the player and the level of the player. Making it a lot easier to practice different shots.

With the SmartPosts® system, players of any age or skill level can train at their own “level” and grow in skill, age, range and power as they grow!

Listen To What Swedish Pro, Coach and Inventor
Has To Say:

“SmartPosts® is a tennis coach´s dream come true and is for beginners as well as top players. Every tennis player could use this smart tennis invention to improve their tennis. And the younger players just love it. Tennis is now so much easier to learn. And so much more fun to play!”

Frankly, SmartPosts® (former SmartNet) puts the fun back into learning tennis.
Everyone wins!

The On-Court series of books show the right steps for young players to take when learning to play tennis. Filled with facts and tips for the tennis coaches, it helps to systematically develop the young tennis players, starting from age 2 and up. With SmartPosts®, kids and develop players can finally:

  • Focus on building key skills instead of being frustrated by net-height issues
  • Continue to grow as players with a system suitable to the players height
  • Enjoy the process of learning and playing much earlier and faster

Let the tennis “revolution” begin.

Let’s make tennis fun!

Roger Stenquist